Teeth Cleaning

At Warmstone Family Dentistry, we offer dental cleaning services to help our
patients maintain their oral health. We highly recommend having your teeth
cleaned on a regular basis with our highly skilled dental hygienists.

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Preventative Dentistry at Warmstone

Having your teeth cleaned is a form of preventative dentistry that is done by a dentist or dental hygienist. When having your teeth cleaned, our dental hygienist will perform a thorough physical exam of your mouth. This will allow them to spot any signs of gingivitis or other concerns. Plaque and tartar are then removed from around your gum line and between the teeth. Plaque and tartar are still likely to build up even if you have a good oral hygiene routine. They will also floss your teeth and apply a fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities.

Our team of friendly and skilled dental hygienists are here to provide you with thorough teeth cleaning services. Book an appointment at Warmstone today!

dental hygieneist and patient during a teeth cleaning

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Maintain Good Oral Health with Teeth Cleaning

Proper and regular dental cleanings are crucial to maintaining your oral and physical health. Alongside a thorough cleaning, our dental hygienists perform deep scaling and root planing. This will allow our dental hygienists to spot any potential issues or areas of concern that need to be addressed. If they do spot anything, they will provide you with how to proceed and consult with the dentist to ensure you are not at risk for serious oral conditions.

You will leave a dental cleaning with a sparkling smile and the knowledge of how to properly maintain your oral health!

Service was amazing, staff where wonderful and very accommodating. What I love most was the atmosphere, they made me feel safe and welcoming.


Fantastic experience at a Warmstone Family Dentistry!! My 2.5 year old loved it and I felt like I was being welcomed to a (dental) spa!! Kind staff and great service; I strongly recommend Warmstone to everyone!


All Warmstone staff members are warm, polite and very skilled at their jobs. I have been thrilled with the respect and service we are received thus far!!


Fabulous all around! Wonderful, positive experience for my young daughter who was previously very anxious going to the dentist. A++ Highly recommended!!!


I have been going to Warmstone Family Dentistry for just over a year and the experience has always been excellent. The focus on patient comfort and care is astonishing. The spa like feel and patient centric approach gives a truly customized experience.


I have had two appointments now at Warmstone Family Dentistry and both were top notch. Friendly happy staff and their attention to your comfort level make for a very pleasant trip to the dentist. Love the NETFLIX and massage chair. Would definitely recommend!


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