New Green Initiatives at Warmstone

Maintaining your oral health is our number one priority at Warmstone Family Dentistry, however, our other main area of focus is to help reduce plastic waste in ways that we can as a health clinic.

That’s why we have implemented two zero-waste dental care initiatives, which includes a recycling program to reduce single-use plastic oral health products, such as toothbrushes and floss containers, as well as we have switched over to providing our patients with eco-friendly products such as the bamboo toothbrush by Alma Verde and vegan and cruelty-free floss provided by Cocofloss.

Alma Verde’s Sustainable Dental Products

Alma Verde is an Ottawa-based small business and they provide non-degradable, vegan and cruelty-free products, such as bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal-infused bristles and reusable straws.

What we love about Alma Verde is that a portion of their sales goes towards delivering their sustainable toothbrushes to areas in the world with difficult access to basic oral health care. Their mission is to emphasize maintaining oral health care around the world while helping reduce single-use plastic waste! You will receive one of these sustainable toothbrushes at your routine dental visit every 6 months. For more information on their products please visit

Cocofloss’ Sustainable Dental Floss

Cocofloss is a new vegan product that we have come to love and adore. This eco-friendly floss is made from vegan wax infused with coconut oil and comes in a variety of different flavours such as Pure Peppermint, Pure Strawberry, Cara Cara Orange and Fresh Coconut!

Have some fun when you floss your teeth by trying out some of these new flavours – it might even help entice the little ones in your family with their oral hygiene routine and get them excited to floss their teeth! Receive a sampler size of our Cocofloss flavours at your next hygiene visit!

For more information on Cocofloss please visit

TerraCycle Canada’s Zero-waste Recycling Program

TerraCycle Canada is the company in which we have collaborated to provide the zero-waste recycling box for our clinic. We are accepting items including toothbrushes (with caps), toothpaste containers, floss containers, and all outer packaging of any oral health products.

As a consumer, we understand that it is easy to just throw items out for convenience, however, we are hoping to encourage our patients to bring in used oral health products in order to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we are contributing to every year. You can bring these items in at your next appointment! For more information on TerraCycle please visit

We hope you enjoy some of these new green initiatives and should you have any questions about the products or how the recycling program works, please give our clinic a call at 613-763-2657 or email us at