Free Day Of Dentistry

On September 12th, 2020, join us for our 9th annual free day of dentistry with Dr. Yazdani and the Warmstone Family Dentistry Team.

Free Dentistry Day

In 2012 Dr. Yazdani was the first dentist in Ottawa to open up his clinic for an entire day to offer free dental services to those who can’t afford dentistry. At the time it was meant to give back and help some of the many people in need. Fast forward 9 years later and several dental offices have joined the march providing many days of free service throughout the year.

This will be Dr. Yazdani’s 9th annual free day of dentistry and it is amazing to think that over that span we’ve provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of free service to the community.

COVID has definitely made things a challenge this year but we know it also means there are that many more people in need. With some tweaks we are proud to be able to provide this service to the community once again.

Services Offered

All COVID guidelines and protocols will be sent to each patient before their scheduled appointment. Unlike previous years we will not have a physical registration line up where it is first come, first serve.

This year we are going digital!

It will still be first come, first serve basis. However this year it will be based on the “time stamp” of when your form was submitted. Once all the available spots are filled we will start a waiting/cancellation list using the same methodology for priority.

Services being offered (one per patient):




Apply for a Free Dentistry Day Service

Note: Individuals will be contacted after September 9th 2020 when submissions are closed

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