We are excited to announce that we are continuing our annual tradition of providing a Free Day of Dentistry to those in need of care!

Warmstone is changing the way
people view dentistry.

For our 10th annual Free Day, we have taken a bit of a different approach to targeting who we are going to provide care to. The pandemic has made life very difficult for all, especially for certain industries that have been consistently shuttered by ongoing lockdowns. Both business owners and employees in these industries have suffered a financial burden as they try to help us all fight through this pandemic.
They have done their part by shutting down their businesses for the greater good. We want to reward their efforts by making our Free Day of Dentistry about providing care to those businesses that have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 measures.
We are aiming to help small businesses hit the hardest by the pandemic. Many Small Businesses don’t have dental insurance adding to the difficulty of obtaining dental care.
We will be accepting patients that meet the following criteria:

Services Offered

All COVID guidelines and protocols will be sent to each patient before their scheduled appointment. Unlike previous years we will not have a physical registration line up where it is first come, first serve. This year we are focusing on Small Business owners and employees hurt by the pandemic lock-downs It will still be the first come, first serve basis. Priority will be given to existing Warmstone patients who meet the above criteria. Services being offered (one per patient):



Dental Fillings

Dental fillings help with the restoration of dental cavities before any further problems arise.

dental patient ready for a teeth cleaning


Dental Extractions

Need to get a tooth pulled? Dental extractions are preformed by our experienced dentists and oral surgeons.

dental patient explaining jaw pain to dentist


Dental Cleanings

Regular teeth cleaning is imperative to maintain a happy and healthy smile.

female dental patient admiring her dental implant

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Free Day of Dentistry 2022

For our 2022 Free Day of Dentistry, we have partnered with a local refugee support group to provide free dental care to Ukrainian refugees and their families.

On July 16th, 2022, we will be providing dental treatments such as cleanings, fillings, emergency exams and extractions.

If you know a Ukrainian family in need, please send us an email. We have limited spaces and all enquiries who cannot be accommodated will be added to our waitlist.