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The Benefits of
Crown Services

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Why People Choose
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for Crown Services

The advantages of a crown include fixing damaged or discoloured teeth, putting a “cap” on an implant/root canal tooth for protection and reinforcement of a dental bridge. Crowns also have a cosmetic component to them. They can be used to reshape a tooth, fix discolouring or help correct a smile.
Warmstone uses state of the art CEREC technology which allows us to complete the crown process in a single visit without needing to send anything to a lab. The creation of the crown is all done onsite with CEREC technology. This also eliminates the need for a messy and uncomfortable impression as the CEREC has the ability to take a digital scan of your entire mouth.
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The Dental Crown Process

When booking your appointment for a dental crown, you can expect to follow this four step process.
1. An x-ray is taken so the dentist may properly assess the situation and determine the best course of action.
2. Local anesthetic is applied. The tooth is prepared for the procedure then a digital scan is taken.
3. Since Warmstone Family Dentistry is using CEREC technology, there is no need for a “temporary” crown or a return visit. We create the crown while you sit back and enjoy Netflix on our overhead TVs. The dentist is digitally designing your crown while the CEREC technology produces it out of dental material onsite.
4. Once the crown is complete the dentist then places the cap on the tooth.

Dental Crown FAQs

Same-day dental crowns are molded, made, and placed all in one day using CEREC technology. These dental crowns will fit just like any other crowns and take a fraction of the time to prepare. CEREC is a process that allows dentists to provide patients with the best care for affordable prices and in a time-friendly manner. This process involves using computer-assisted design to create custom crowns for every patient for the best fit.

Learn more about same-day dental crowns, contact Warmstone Dental today for more information.

CEREC is an acronym that represents “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”. This is the simplified process that dentists use to provide patients with crown treatments on the same day. The three key words in the acronym are Chairside, Economical, and Ceramic. Chairside refers to the practice of creating a comfortable crown while you wait. Economical means that this option is cost-effective and affordable. Ceramic is the material that the crowns are made of.

For more information about CEREC services, contact Warmstone Dental today and speak to one of our trained dentists.

CEREC dental crowns are made from ceramic or resin materials. With these materials and the technology used to create the crowns, they have a comfortable and painless fit. These crowns are also custom painted to match the colour of your teeth to provide discretion and aesthetics.

Our team at Warmstone Family Dental is experienced in creating custom-fit, same-day dental crowns using the CEREC program. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment today!

Same-day crowns remove the need for temporary crowns by providing the same quality of permanent crowns in one day. There is also significant time saved by having crowns put in the same day as opposed to waiting weeks or months. CEREC technology allows our dental team to create high-quality crowns made from ceramic or resin. This process also results in better fitting crowns without using dental putty and creates better aesthetics with colours that can be customized to match your teeth.

For more information about the benefits of same-day dental crowns, contact our team at Warmstone Dental today!