Benefits of Our Teeth Whitening Treatment in Stittsville

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Teeth whitening has become an extremely popular way of making sure your smile shines brightly without giving up potential tooth staining substances such as coffee. But how does teeth whitening work? And is it healthy? We are glad you asked!

Teeth Whitening – Everything You Need To Know

Teeth whitening treatments can seem daunting at first if you don’t have the proper information.

This is why here at Warmstone, we have assembled this simple guide to help you understand how teeth whitening works, and the various options you have to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of!


How Teeth Whitening Treatments WorkHow teeth whitening works illustration

Teeth whitening treatments all have one thing in common: the key ingredient is peroxide. The peroxide used in teeth whitening treatment when put in contact with a stained tooth breaks down the compound that is staining the tooth, thus restoring your teeth to their natural beauty.

Fluoride is also commonly used in teeth whitening treatments to help reduce the weakening of your teeth during this process and prevent tooth sensitivity afterwards. Teeth whitening technology has advanced greatly over the last 15 years, and is much easier and less expensive than it used to be!

You should note that a teeth whitening treatment should only be performed under the guidance of a dental health professional. This person will examine your oral health and then analyse the nature of your teeth and gums first. This will help them determine if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Also, there are a few underlying dental issues that a teeth whitening procedure can exacerbate. An examination with a dental health expert prior to the procedure can help detect it and prevent any complications from happening.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening Treatments

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There are many reasons to choose to participate in a teeth whitening treatment, the procedure presents quite a few benefits.

One major reason is how teeth whitening restores the look of your teeth. Teeth can lose their natural colour and adopt a discoloured visual due to many factors. Some of these are natural aging, drinking coffee or tea, and smoking. Teeth whitening can eliminate stains and return your teeth to a brighter, cleaner aesthetic.

The biggest reason for most people is the positive effects your newly whitened teeth will have on your self-esteem and mental health. Those with stained or discoloured teeth are usually self-conscious about talking, smiling and laughing in public. Teeth whitening can help them by restoring their teeth’s appearance and eliminating their need to hide. Without the obstacle of stained teeth, these people are more expressive and confident in social and professional situations. This increased confidence also leads to improved mental health.

Everybody wants to feel secure with their smile, it is one of the first things people will notice about you when you meet them! Make a great first impression with your newly whitened teeth and see the full potential of your smile!

In-Office Treatments

In-Office treatments boast a ton of advantages. It is the fastest and safest option for teeth whitening treatments. Gum and tooth sensitivity which used to be a concern about in-office teeth whitening is now a thing of the past due to thicker peroxide gels!

In-Office teeth whitening treatments aren’t a permanent solution, however. Dental professionals recommend an in-office teeth whitening treatment be combined with at-home treatments afterwards to maintain the results!

Take-Home Treatments

A lady using take home teeth whitening treatments

Many people ask if the same peroxides and fluoride are used in the take-home treatments you see so many people using, and the answer is yes. Because most of us are not professional dental experts, take-home teeth whitening kits contain significantly less peroxide in each strip to avoid accidentally over whitening their teeth and causing long-term damage to their smile. This results in the period of time and the number of treatments that are required is significantly more than if you were to have an in-office treatment.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products

For those who need more affordable options, there are many whitening products that you can pick up at a pharmacy. These include whitening strips, gels, toothpaste, and pens. OTC products contain lower amounts of peroxide and fluoride. As such, they take longer to whiten teeth. Their advantage is their price point and how they allow you to perform the procedure in your home.

Every person’s teeth whitening journey is unique. If you are a more private person and would prefer to embark on this journey from the comfort of your own home that is your right!

Warmstone – Stittsville’s Teeth Whitening Experts!

Warmstone has been helping patients achieve the perfect white smile for a long time. We are all passionate about helping our patients feel confident in their smiles, and we want to help you too. At Warmstone, we offer in-office and take-home teeth whitening services. We’ll provide you with all the information needed to effectively complete your teeth whitening treatment at home.

Give us a call today to arrange an appointment and we can get started restoring your smile to the perfect glowing white it deserves to be!

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