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About Alyssa

Alyssa, born and raised in the beautiful wine country of the Niagara Region, discovered her passion for dentistry during her co-op placement in high school. This passion—along with her dedication, strong attention to detail and love of serving others drove her to enroll in the Dental Assistant Level II program at Niagara College. Alyssa didn’t stop there; her thirst for knowledge motivated her to study Dental Hygiene, and she graduated on the President’s Honour Roll. The team at Connexion Dental Care sought her out, and soon after graduation Alyssa took the leap and relocated to Ottawa.
Alyssa has advanced her career through various dental, leadership and personal development courses. Currently, Alyssa is a partner of Warmstone Family Dentistry. She is working with Dr. Yazdani to introduce the most up-to-date technology into the practice while delivering world class service to her patients.
Alyssa’s passion for community involvement has inspired her to participate in Dr. Yazdani’s annual Free Day of Dentistry event over the past four years. She has provided free dental care to communities in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, serving alongside her Warmstone team and her husband Kurt. During her free time Alyssa enjoys traveling, experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and catching up on her favourite Netflix shows. Many of her weekends are spent in Niagara, where she enjoys the company of her family and close friends. She also loves spending quality time with her husband; attending concerts and exploring Ottawa.
Alyssa, Warmstone Family Dental

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