About Wesley Smith


Wesley is an Ottawa (Stittsville) native with a passion for business. He has long been fixated on helping others meet their needs and achieve their goals. This strong desire to meet needs with solutions has kept Wesley busy in several business ventures.

Wesley graduated from Algonquin College in Small and Medium Enterprise Management,

where he successfully launched a small-scale supplement business within the campus as a project and a business venture. Eventually the capital and credit markets caught Wesley’s attention, which kicked off an incredible 10-year ride in the world of banking.

    While appreciative of the experience and wisdom he gained in the banking world, Wesley began to crave a new challenge. He connected with a childhood friend—Dr. Yazdani—to embark on an incredible journey; the goal being to change the way people view dentistry by providing an exceptional patient and employee experience— while giving back to the community (and the planet) in the process.

    Wesley joined Connexion Dental Care as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was instrumental in helping to build and shape the culture within. The great experiences and wisdom gained throughout the years has set Wesley’s growth and evolution at a rapid pace. Now, he and his partners are returning home to Stittsville (where they were raised) to bring you Warmstone Family Dentistry, and once again embrace the challenge to “change the way people view dentistry.”

    Wesley is a family man, and his girls (wife and two daughters) are where most of his time is allocated. His passions include leadership, coaching, sports (at the forefront – football), fitness, business/capital markets and reading.

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